Updates from the Tiny Tour

Last night, the living room leg of the Tiny Tour went off spectacularly (despite the heat). Frank Sherlock and Dan Machlin both gave amazing readings and Christopher Roberti broke my heart with his beautiful introductions and jokes. In addition, I would be remiss not to mention the delicious chocolate cakes we enjoyed from Caked Cakes. Caked Cakes will hopefully be a staple of many legs of the Tiny Tour, as they are baked lovingly by two gorgeous women in Brooklyn who support poetry to no end. As well as poetry, they support all happy occasions with their cakes, so I urge you to check them out the next time you are in New York. They have free delivery in the New York area.

Videos of this leg and the kitchen leg will be up soon! Technical difficulties abound, but please check back soon as I will soon have the technical difficulties in check.

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