Many of you are probably a little familiar with this website, but might be unsure of its purpose. The main purpose of this site is to house the Tiny Tour, a very small book tour in support of my new poetry book, AWE. What is a Tiny Tour, you might ask? Let me take this opportunity to tell you. Due to the practical limitations of trying to put on a full scale national poetry tour at this time, I have decided to call back to a long intellectual tradition of holding salons, happenings, lectures, and readings within one’s home through something I am going to call a Tiny Tour. I am going to squeeze a book tour into my Philadelphia apartment, and invite guests to experience the readings by joining me there and here on this website. Guest readers, musicians, dancers and other performers will join me for a series of readings in the kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, fire escape, and hallway. It is my big hope to both gain agency over the event of a poetry reading, as well as demystify the experience for a larger poetry-hungry audience, by providing easy access to my readings over the internet.

The Tiny Tour began in October and will continue through the next few months. Keep checking here for more information on upcoming tour dates and locations, as well as video from the readings as they occur.


  1. Robert Bruce wrote on 6:47 pm, 22 Oct 2007 permalink


    How much are tickets to the Fire Escape reading?

  2. kat wrote on 6:28 pm, 19 Nov 2007 permalink

    hI dorthea the aries-

    sorry i didn’t feel well after the iowa city reading because i wanted to chat. . .email me?

    katherine the aquarian

  3. Doug Smith wrote on 11:52 pm, 26 Nov 2007 permalink

    The “costumes” are a nice touch, and it is a fun concept. The possibilities are endless for all kinds of tiny tours, thanks to the internet and video.

    You have nice, creative friends and hey, Philadelphia is a great place to live.

  1. ThePublishingSpot wrote on 5:52 pm, 22 Oct 2007 permalink

    Publishing Spotted: No More Complaining About How Expensive Book Tours Are…

    You think you're shy? Think you don't have enough money for a book tour? Think again!Check out this homemade video project at The Bird in Snow. It's the launching pad for the world's smallest book tour. Ed Champion has just sent……

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