Black Life


How is everyone? It has been a while.

I am here in celebration of some new work in the works. My second book of poems is just out from Wave Books. It is called Black Life. Find out more about it on its Wave site and at its SPD site.

Thank you to Indigest Magazine for reviewing it here.

This website, home to The Tiny Tour for my first book AWE, will be updated frequently in the coming months. Things you might like, like lost Tiny Tour videos and other poetry-related movies, will be here soon.

Thank you for visiting!

Comments on Black Life

  1. Jake Fournier wrote on 3:05 pm, 27 May 2010 permalink

    Hi Dorothea. I really loved your books. I reviewed Black Life here: . Hope the frequent updates you mentioned are coming soon!

  2. Dottie wrote on 6:17 pm, 20 Jun 2010 permalink

    Hi Jake,
    Thanks so much for writing and visiting and for reviewing Black Life! I linked your review on the side here.
    More updates are coming soon. Please check back on this site!!
    Hope to see you around NYC soon!

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