Reviews of Black Life

Thank you to rob mclennan for reviewing Black Life here.

Thank you to William Keckler for reviewing Black Life here.

Comments on Reviews of Black Life

  1. William Keckler wrote on 10:37 am, 26 Jul 2010 permalink

    Glad you liked. Thank you for writing it. It’s one of the best collections I’ve encountered in ages. It’s like finding Bernadette’s Sonnets or something. That kind of high.

  2. Terresa Wellborn wrote on 7:27 pm, 27 Jul 2010 permalink

    I’m new to your work. Found you via Deborah’s Slow Muse blog.

  3. Dorothea Lasky wrote on 8:16 am, 22 Aug 2010 permalink

    Hi William, Thank you so much for your review! This is the greatest compliment you could give, as Bernadette Mayer is one of my favorite poets of all time. I’d love to know who some of your favorite poets are and I love this poem here: –Dorothea

  4. Dorothea Lasky wrote on 8:21 am, 22 Aug 2010 permalink

    Hi Terresa, Thanks so much for writing and reading and thanks to the Slow Muse blog, too! Is this your blog:
    I will check it out. –Dorothea

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