Verse Daily poem from Black Life

Thanks to Verse Daily for including a poem from Black Life, “I Don’t Remember the Talk of Men,” in their Today’s poem section.

For me, that particular poem is about Cicero.

Today a very nice young poet showed me a video of a poem called “Kite” by someone named John Jay Reeves, but I guess I don’t have the correct spelling of his name and I can’t find his video anywhere online.

I like this song.

I want this book.

I really like the work of Adam Robinson. Buy his book here.

I also like this song. I hope that song is about shopping and not her horrible ex-boyfriend that shall not be named.

Ok, here you go, here’s another good song for good measure. You know that’s the best song I’ve put up here, right? I’m not counting the poems and/or poetry books.


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