notnostrums, Poet’s Potluck, Lewis Warsh, and the new Kanye West album


I guess now is as good a time as any to let you know that I think notnostrums is a wonderful journal.

Issue 5 is out here. There are so many poem videos there. I think you should watch them. I am going to make more poetry videos soon. By soon, I mean next year hopefully.

Check out this poem for me by Chris Martin. He didn’t know it, but my next book of poems involves airplanes. So, this makes his video really cool.

I went to a Poet’s Potluck at St. Mark’s Poetry Project the other week and it was a great way to spend a Friday night. I brought a jelly roll and others brought food you would actually want to eat. Here is Steven Karl’s write-up of the event.

I read with Lewis Warsh recently. He is like a god to me. His reading was amazing. Gregory Bem just told me via comment on this here blog that he wrote the event here and that there are videos.Thank you, Greg!

Last week I bought the new Kanye West album. You really need to buy it. It has songs like this on it. I <3 Kanye West. He just keeps getting better and better.

I guess that’s it.


Comments on notnostrums, Poet’s Potluck, Lewis Warsh, and the new Kanye West album

  1. Cabell King wrote on 2:51 pm, 06 Dec 2010 permalink

    Hello Dorothea, I am interested to contact you about contributing poems to a blog on religion, culture, and current events. I’ve been trying to identify an email address where I can contact you, but no luck yet. It looks like you read these comments. Can you tell me how best to reach you?

  2. Dorothea Lasky wrote on 12:01 pm, 09 Dec 2010 permalink

    Hi Cabell,

    Thanks for writing!
    I just wrote you at your UChicago address. I’d love to contribute. Please send me details.

    Take care,

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