Bernadette Mayer event in Buffalo on 4/1

I am going to be part of an AMAZING Bernadette Mayer event in Buffalo, NY on 4/1. Details HERE.


Time passed and it happened and it was wonderful. You can see pics on the event page link up there. Here is another pic.

HERE is my opening statement for the poets’ panel. I shared the stage with Brenda Coultas and CA Conrad.

Comments on Bernadette Mayer event in Buffalo on 4/1

  1. Marķa RL wrote on 5:11 am, 05 Apr 2011 permalink


    I mentioned you on my blog ( and I“m translating one of your poems to publish it on my second blog ( Hope you agree and feel happy.


  2. Dorothea Lasky wrote on 7:08 am, 06 Apr 2011 permalink

    Hi Maria,

    How wonderful! Thank you so much!!! I cannot wait to see your translation.


  3. Marķa RL wrote on 4:06 am, 07 Apr 2011 permalink


  4. Marķa RL wrote on 4:34 am, 11 Apr 2011 permalink

    Oh sorry. I wanted to make a heart, but it didn“t recognise the drawing.

    Your translation is comming, very soon.


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