Bernadette Mayer Folio in Drunken Boat, #14

Check out all of this amazing writing, all on Bernadette Mayer, in a special folio of Drunken Boat, #14 HERE.

Bernadette Mayer everyday, all day long, for every minute, for every second–yes!

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  1. Maya Kuri wrote on 11:58 am, 22 Sep 2011 permalink

    Dear Dorothea,

    I’ve been trying since forever (everything is relative) to contact you other than via your blog.

    I own a small publishing house on the other side of the world (Beirut, Lebanon). I established it with one purpose in mind: translating works by young poets and short-story writers from and into the Arabic. I’m a young Lebanese woman myself, who feels frustrated from the lack of follow-up in this matter – or what international organizations like to call “cross-cultural dialogue”. Particularly involving the youth here in the Middle East (although attempts are many).

    Anyway, I find your writings gripping.

    Today I received by email “To be the thing”, through
    By “gripping” I mean: it’s funny how internal and external wars can produce the same kind of sweet bitterness. And each of us has had her kind of wars.

    This is to ask whether you’d be interested in having one of your collections, or a number of poems gathered in one collection, translated into Arabic.

    If not, it would be great if you helped me with a short list of names of your “favorite” peers.

    Thank you and have a nice evening.

    Awaiting your feedback.



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