Thunderbird celebrations: Paul Legault


Poets are making videos of Thunderbirds in order to celebrate my new book, Thunderbird. It will be released in October, but for the whole month of September, Wave Books is offering a special deal. Instead of its regular price of $16, it is $12.

HERE is a poem Paul Legault wrote and a video he made of his poem. You can find out about his amazing books here.

I will keep posting videos poets make for the next few months. Soon I will announce the date of my book party where we will all worship the great demon.

Until then, I remain yours in it.

Comments on Thunderbird celebrations: Paul Legault

  1. David Miller wrote on 8:52 am, 15 Sep 2012 permalink

    Hello Ms Lasky,
    I just found, read, and re-read “You Are Beautiful” on Poetry Daily. Thank you for it. I am looking forward to reading more of your stuff and will order the book when my wife gets home with the debit card (assuming she’s left any balance on it!)

  2. SK wrote on 9:56 am, 15 Sep 2012 permalink

    The below work is from this morning, so it might completely suck and I’d have no idea, but who cares, right? I thought I’d share, and this seems like the place. It’s unfortunate that strangers on the Internet can be creepy; I hope this isn’t creepy. I don’t usually (ever) get current poets’ voices stuck in my head; it’s happened w/ Ted B., Emily D., Spicer, some others, but no one, I think, who is now. The only way out is to write through it . Anyway. Your book is somethin’ else. Cheers.

    Thunderbird Voice Displacement

    for Dorothea Lasky

    I hate that I have your voice in my head
    It feels like it’ll be there as long as the trees
    I ordered Thunderbird and read it all
    and now your voice commands my mind
    when I sit down to make a poem
    I hate how your voice is a great disorder
    it leadeth me from punctuation
    It’s mind control
    and it’s a fucking psychic violation
    where fucking’s just an extra word
    and psychic’s what a bell does
    (when the bell’s the ceramic bird bell of the mind)
    not someone who tells you your cousin Charlie says
    he misses you and he’s sorry it was he
    who took your Chewbacca action figure
    when you were kids and he was down from Moosejaw
    he wants you to know it’s not too cold
    where he is now
    and you’ll be seeing him soon
    I hate how your voice takes me away from my thoughts
    as if my thoughts were not my own
    as if I were a student again in a poetry workshop
    where the instructor has us freewrite fifteen minutes
    only to pounce on the many clichés and echoes
    of commercials and slogans
    as if to prove, in fact to prove
    our thoughts are often not our own
    I wonder if I go back to sleep if your voice will lift away
    because I woke up this way
    three hours ago
    but no, it’s so inside me now that I would simply dream
    a dream where I speak with your voice
    where out in the field I look down
    at the boy’s body and say in your voice
    “I have seen this face before”
    and I will stand back
    and I will bend down close
    and I will curl into a fetal position beside him
    against the vulval clouds in the sky
    and the black horse that rides through the field in the distance
    will be a white horse
    when it rains
    as I turn my head to stare up
    out of the clouds
    alone on the ground
    with your voice in my head
    telling me how
    I hate that I have your voice in my head

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